Have the sprite cast Freeze on the crystal orb and you will be able to cross the lava barrier. Once inside, rest up at the Inn (15 GP) to restore your MP and HP before beginning the Underground Palace. The Ice Palace is a dungeon in Secret of Mana. Spiral inward and use Watts's "secret" entrance into the Dwarf Village. Return to the Dwarf Village in Gaia's Navel and enter the Underground Palace. It was great to see the trio brought to life in a new way, although it was short-lived. Crystal Orbs are made to respond or react to an Elemental's power. For Secret of Mana on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do i get to the underground palace? Once the "Floating Continent" rose out of the ground, Jema told me I had to find a way inside. Step on the the two plates in the bottom corners of the next area to open the passage to the next area. Recently, they held a Mana Mystery event in which you could partake in a series of boss fights from Secret of Mana, collect some SoM items and the three main characters from SoM (which they mistakenly misnamed. Deep within the palace, they meet the Frost Gigas, who is actually a transformed Santa Claus and gives them the Mana Seed after being restored to normal. It is located in the Ice Country. Description Recommended Levels Walkthrough Reaching the Ice Palace The Ice Palace The Biting Lizards Midboss Reaching the Frost Gigas Fighting the Frost Gigas You saved Santa! Much of this information comes from Zach Keene's (The Vault of Arcane Lore) excellent enemy list, with information ripped straight from the game, used here with permission.I'm responsible for the item information as well as locations. In the Underground City before the Mana Palace, just go to the room with the puzzle buttons switch colors red, blue, yellow and green. Don't hold that against them). Enemies. SNES - Secret of Mana - Underground Palace (Interior) & Grand Palace (Interior, Orb Area) - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Secret of Mana (Remake) Witch's Castle Our next objective is to find Elinee the Witch and ask her to help with the magic that is preventing you from getting into the Underground Palace. However, there was a secret room on the Snes version and you can reach it thanks to the code. Randi, Primm, and Popoi travel to the Ice Palace in search of the stolen Mana Seed of Fire. (Back in Palace) Luka: Use Undine's power to stop the lava in the underground palace. ##### **Underground Palace** (Dwarf Village revisited) Elder: Please take care of the little guy! Head Southward from the Inn to reach the entrance to the Underground Palace, it sits in the wall immediately opposite the entrance to Dwarf Village from Gaia's Navel. Secret of Mana Ice Country RemoteLearning.school - Best Remote Learning School, For Kids Age 5-14. The secret room is just West from that room and you can reach it by going through the wall with the code. ". Secret of Mana: Part 9 - Underground City/Grand Palace/Pure Land Because I'm overleveld (both in terms of actual levels and magic power) I breezed through the last few end-game areas.